First Look at Silent Hill Origins

Silent Hill OriginKonami’s first proper Silent Hill title, Silent Hill Origins is playable at the Game Convention in Germany, and thanks to that, we have our first hands-on impressions courtesy of Eurogamer as well as a few screenshots of the game in action.

There isn’t much to report at the moment. The game is using an RE4-style camera angle, and the demo, based off a build reportedly 30% complete, didn’t have anything in the way of puzzle or storytelling… just wandering around some admittedly impressive looking environments and shooting the same admittedly average-looking monster over and over again.

Still, anyone following this game will probably want to check it out, despite Eurogamer saying that the build they played wasn’t ready for public display. For more info on the game, check out Johnny’s interview with its producer, William Oertel, from Comic Con, which is right here!


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Jon Condit