NYCHFF’s 30 Days of Hostel

The New York City Horror Film FestivalThe New York Horror Film Festival may only run from October 24th through the 28th, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do before then if you’re in the Big Apple.

The NYCHFF sent over a press release today informing us horror journalists that this year’s ghastly gathering would play host to Q&A with Eli Roth following a screening of Hostel on October 25th, but also a few weeks prior to that 30 Days of Night will be getting the same treatment! On October 10th Steve Niles (creator of the comic the film is based on) will be present for his own question and answer session following the film’s showing!

While that may sound great, there was even better news in the press release: “On October 27th, The New York City Horror Film Festival honors legendary filmmaker Herschell Gordon Lewis with Lifetime Achievement Award. H.G Lewis, the undisputed Godfather of Gore, has been influencing filmmakers and fans alike for almost five decades. Long before George Romero or Tobe Hooper made ultra-violence in motion pictures fashionable, H.G. Lewis was breaking all taboos with films like Wizard of Gore, Blood Feast, and Two Thousand Maniacs. A true innovator, years ahead of his time, the NYCHFF is proud and honored to present a rare theatrical screening of his gore classic Two Thousand Maniacs. Mr. Herschell Gordon Lewis will be present to accept the award and offer a Q&A.

For more information on the film festival click here.


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Jon Condit