A Look at Dexter

DexterEveryone’s favorite serial killer kicked off his comeback last night. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is still struggling to balance his life as blood spatter analyst and beau of the lovely Rita (Julie Benz) with his dark side as Miami’s preeminent serial killer. Or at least, he’s the city’s preeminent serial killer now after he offed his brother the Ice Truck Killer in last season’s finale. It’s that emotional kill that has given Dexter something of a block – a killer’s block, if you will – in this season’s opener.

Dex’s rough and tumble sister Deb is just starting back at work, where perhaps she’ll have an easier time with LaGuerta no longer HBIC, but she’s still feeling the aftermath of finding out her fiancé really just wanted to cut her into little pieces. Dexter not only has to contend with his homicidal constipation, but with Sergeant Doakes as a persistent tail. Throw in Rita’s ex Paul who, though stuck in jail, is planting ideas in Rita’s head about Dexter’s involvement in his third strike, and Dexter’s off to a pretty bad start. And all that isn’t even the worst of his worries…

Though this season seems, from the word go, to be deviating much farther from the source material than the first, the show’s fabulous acting, great look and gripping storytelling are still all in place. All told, this is shaping up to be another must see season for Showtime’s special sociopath. Tune in to Showtime Sunday nights at 9:00pm and catch Dexter … if you can!

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