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Anchor Bay nabs Wrestlemaniac!I concluded my UK DVD review of Wrestlemaniac with these words:

“I’m reviewing the just released barebones PAL DVD of Wrestlemaniac (Originally entitled El Mascarado Massacre). I can only hope that an American distributor snaps this one up and fast. With all the uninventive, amateurish, and just outright horrible horror-themed crap that wastes space on video store shelves these days, a movie like this deserves a chance to be seen by the public. This is what WWE Films should have made with See No Evil. This is the sort of unpretentious, entertaining slasher flick that deserves to be showcased by the After Dark Horrorfest, not stale garbage like Dark Ride. It’s not a perfect movie and it won’t set the horror world on fire – just bloody slammin’ fun. Wrestlemaniac is the stuff cult classics are made of.”

Well, it took a few months but now an American distributor has done just that. According to Fangoria, Anchor Bay has picked up Wrestlemaniac for US distribution with plans to release the film this coming March – just in time for WWE’s annual Wrestlemania, no less!

Writer/director’s Jesse Baget’s fun slasher romp has a group of amateur pornagraphers making the fatal mistake of checking out a Mexican ghost town inhabited by an insane masked Mexican wrestler with a unique modus operandi tailored to his lucha libre origins. It stars real-life luchador Rey Mysterio Sr. (uncle to WWE’s Rey Misterio) as the title psychopath and buxom “Deal or No Deal” suitcase babe Leyla Milani in full scream queen mode.

No specifics just yet regarding the DVD release but I’ll say right now that if they release this barebones it’ll be a crime. No doubt there will be much more to come about it from Anchor Bay in the weeks and months ahead.

For now, you can read my review and check out the film’s trailer at the official Wrestlemaniac MySpace page.

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