Another Joy Ride?

Joy Ride: End of the Road on it's way home?Joy Ride was one of those films that came out, got ignored in theaters, and found its life through word-of-mouth when it hit DVD. I always thought it was a damn good film, personally, with enough mixture of horror and humor to make it fun time.

Bloody Disgusting got word this evening that sadistic trucker Rusty Nails is on his way back, likely in a direct to video fashion, for Joy Ride: End of the Road. This time out, four friends are on their way to a show in Vegas when their POS car breaks down and soon find themselves at the mercy of Jame Gumb, er, Ted Levine, er, Rusty Nails, when the choose to steal his car.

I have to say, great concept and all, but without Levine’s signature voice I doubt they could reproduce the absolute creepiness of the first film. Now that Ted’s all respectable with a popular TV show, who knows if he’ll return to being all sick and twisted again? Of course, he did do Hills Have Eyes, so that’s a good sign.

We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more on this sequel!

Johnny Butane

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