Alien, Hunter, Omega; Oh My!

Asylum is OmegaEarly last month I reported on how The Asylum was working on I Am Omega, one of their signature mockbusters, this piggybacking off of the upcoming megabudget Will Smith blockbuster I Am Legend (“Dcascos is Omega” – August 2007). The Asylum’s version has Mark “So it has come to this?” Dacascos as the last man on Earth having to deal with what appear to be pig-faced zombies.

Now Asylum now has a trailer up for I Am Omega, due to hit DVD shelves on November 20th, and I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope for the best because I’m a fan of Dacascos. Now usually The Asylum tries to coincide the release dates of their mockbusters to coincide with the release of the big screen film they’re riding the coattails of, but that’s not quite the case here since I Am Legend doesn’t open until December 14th.

That might be because The Asylum probably has another new copycat slotted for their December release slot: Alien vs. Hunter. Seriously! I’m not joking! They really have an Alien vs. Predator clone in post-production as we speak titled Alien vs. Hunter. The film has to do with a group of humans caught in the crossfire between an intergalactic hunter and his alien prey. Two of those humans caught up in the intergalactic mayhem happen to be Dedee Pfeiffer (There’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time) and “The Greatest American Hero” himself, William Katt. Rest assured I will bring you more details on this one when they become available.

Next month’s offering from The Asylum will be a sequel of sorts to their mockbuster of last year’s remake of The Omen that they called 666: The Child. Due October 16th, 666: The Beast deals with the now adult Antichrist being primed to fulfill his destiny, which as anyone who is familiar with the Book of Revelation knows is to ultimately lose. That part always seems to get glossed over in these films for some reason. It’s like the Antichrist keeps reading everything except the last few pages of that chapter of the Bible. A trailer for 666: The Beast is also now up on The Asylum’s website. Having viewed it I do believe it gives new meaning to the phrase “shout at the devil”.

And give credit where it’s due to The Asylum for planning ahead; with films like 10,000 B.C., the new Indiana Jones movie, and the remake of Death Race 2000 on the way in the next year, they’ve already got upcoming projects listed on their website with names like Prehistoric, King Solomon’s Mines, and Death Racing. Wow, Death Racing … They’re not even trying to be creative with the title of that one.

Now what are Air Force, Merlin and the War of the Dragons supposed to be ripping off, I wonder? Hmmm…

The Foywonder

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