DVD Release List: Hill Comes Home

Here’s your release list menu for Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006…

Demonic on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Demonic (2005)
Directed by Johannes Roberts

Ah, those angels. You spend a little time in the presence of the mightiest Holy One (no, not Captain Crunch), and you think you’re immune to all those human emotions like lust and hatred. Then you spend some time on earth, become infected with our unusually tasty bit of “disease”, and next thing you know, you’re banished from heaven, living in a forest and having to fight off Tom Savini and some horny teenagers. See what happens when you get too big for your britches? Check out Melissa’s review here, and buy it here!

Invasion Series on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Invasion: The Complete Series

If I may take a moment and remark at how weird it is that shows are coming to DVD so quickly these days. Don’t get me wrong, I dig it, as it’s the best way to enjoy a TV show without that whole hassle of waiting for weeks at a time, it’s just they’re out there so damn quick now… “Invasion” dealt with the aftermath of a huge huuricane, and how a Florida Park Ranger and his family dealt with some very strange occurrences that followed it, including glowing water creatures and some major personality switches. Check out our review of the series right here for more! Buy it here!

The Lonely Ones on DVD (click to see it bigger!)The Lonely Ones (2006)
Directed by David Michael Quiroz, Jr.

All right, stop me if you’ve heard this one before; the story here follows nine students (I would assume you’d be stopping me right about now) who go off for a weekend “vacation” (read: bang fest), and when they get to their cabin in the woods (yep, I’m still going), they encounter some sort of evil or another that twists their reality all around and makes them do bad stuff. Or they die. Something like that, I’m not really sure. The point is, it doesn’t sound interesting at all. Buy it here!

Satan's Playground on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Satan’s Playground (2006)
Directed by Dante Tomaselli

Tomaselli’s third film (following Desecration and Horror), and he has still yet to impress me with anything other than his good taste in cinematographers. Though he insisted he was attempting to make a more straightforward horror film with this one, he’s still got that addiction to “nightmare logic”, which means he can do whatever he wants and it doesn’t have to make sense. And believe me, not much of this movie does. Read my DVD review of it for more. Buy it here!

Sea of Fear on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Sea of Fear (2005)
Directed by Andrew Schuth

Seriously, how do you hide a series of murders when you’re on a goddamn sailboat? I know they make them big these days, but could you really get away with killing over and over again enough to satisfy the plot of a whodunit? That enigma will be answered when you sit down with Sea of Fear, another title from Lionsgate which likely has a much better cover than the film inside deserves. Friends on a sailboat one by one start dropping like flies, and it’s either someone on the boat or the mysterious vessel following them. Ohhhh, sounds tense. But it’s not. Read Uncle Creepy’s review for the reasons. Buy it here!

Silent Hill on DVD (click to see it bigger!)Silent Hill (2006)
Directed by Christophe Gans

Finally, the movie we’ve all been waiting for to hit DVD (all right, it’s only been four months since its release) has come to take up residence in your home: Silent Hill. Christophe Gans did what most fans thought was impossible by making an SH movie that was relatively true to the games while only managing to screw up a bit on the casting end of things. Still, the film looks amazing and has some of the best gore I’ve seen on a big screen in years… if only the DVD had more to offer. Check out Creepy’s review of it here for the details on that. Buy it here!

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