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Saw III: Director's Cut (click to see the whole thing!)Some more art and details cropped up over on DVD Active for upcoming Lionsgate releases, and with it further proof that the studio seems to think Saw fans have no concept of their money.

On October 23rd, the Tuesday before Saw IV hits theaters, Lionsgate will continue their double dipping tradition and release Saw III: Director’s Cut on DVD. It will have lots of goodies, of course (details are here) and will likely be worth the purchase if you were waiting for it. Click here to pre-order Saw III: Director’s Cut through Evilshop.

Saw Trilogy (click to see the whole thing!)But wait, there’s more. That very same day they will be releasing The Saw Trilogy, as well, which will feature the director’s cut releases of all three movies to date, packed with goodies and features that will surely keep you satiated for a few days until Saw IV is out. Click here to pre-order The Saw Trilogy through Evilshop

Then, around January we’ll likely see the first Saw IV DVD release, followed that October by Saw IV: Director’s Cut which will, of course, be out right before Saw V, and the same shall repeat again until Saw VI (which might be the final movie), and again another box set will be released that will feature all six films, their director’s cuts, and features.

Bug(click to see the whole thing!)Good God that’s a lot of releases of Saw to keep track of. Personally, I’m waiting for the six-film set before I spend another dime on Saw DVDs.

In slightly more sane news, September 25th will see the release of William Friedkin’s Bug (review) on DVD, which will have a commentary track by Friedkin, an intro featurette and a discussion with Friedkin. As well as one of the most quote-ridden DVD covers I’ve ever seen. Damn. Click here to pre-order Bug through Evilshop!

Johnny Butane

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