Nicotero Directs, Barbeau Writes?

Nicotero in talks to direct Drive InBuried within the write up Evil Andy did for Rue Morgue’s fourth annual Festival of Fear is some very interesting bits of info I felt deserved to be highlighted for you guys. Don’t want anyone missing cool news, now do we?

The first comes from the panel discussion KNB effects man Greg Nicotero did during the Saturday portion of the show; he made mention that he was interested in helming an episode of Masters of Horror when it makes its return, but one significant problem is in his way; he’s never directed a feature.

That might change soon, though; Nicotero announced that he’s in discussions with Joe Lansdale about possibly adapting the author’s recent release, The Drive-In, for the big screen. Nothing is signed and no deals are in place yet, but it sure would be cool to see Nicotero try his hand at directing, no? For those unaware, The Drive-In is the story of some friends who head out for a horror film festival at their local drive-in, only for a mysterious force to tap into the patrons and cause the worst in humanity to come screaming to the surface. Nice!

The second bit involves the lovely and talented Adrianne Barbeau. She made a somewhat formal announcement at the show that she is looking into releasing a series of novels called Vampires of Hollywood, about a scream queen who is actually a vampire. Since her autobiography, There Are Worse Things I Could Do (review) was so well received, moving on to novels is a logical step for her, methinks.

Keep your asses here as we wait for more on both projects, and be sure to check out Evil Andy’s full report from the Festival of Fear (including the photo gallery) to read about what you missed!

Johnny Butane

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