Dinner for Fiends – Off the Coast of Brazil

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Dinner for Fiends - Off the Coast of BrazilDinner for Fiends is back for what may be its final installment of the year. There’s not a whole lot of horror going on at the movies of late – unless you count how much money the latest Twilight sequel has made – so in addition to Breaking Dawn we’re mostly talking quality horror on TV today.

If you’re amongst the listeners who experience spastic rage every single time the topic of Twilight is discussed, you might as well fast forward past the first 15-20 minutes of this show because busting Breaking Dawn’s balls is all we do during that time. But if you want to hear about Brazilian vampire honeymoon island love nests, Bella’s love of rough sex, werewolves falling in love with babies, and vampire fang c-sections, then the opening portion of this program is for you.

From there we segue into televised horror. You’ll hear much man love for “Supernatural”, Buz’s disdain for the characters on “The Walking Dead”, and then mixed reactions regarding the current seasons of “Dexter” and “American Horror Story”.

If that’s not enough for you, you’ll also hear viewer mail, possibly hear Uncle Creepy peeing, and experience Buz’s raw naked terror at the mysterious sound of something that may or may not have been a vacuum cleaner.

Join myself, Uncle Creepy, Andrew Kasch, Matt Fini, and Buz “Danger is my middle name so long as it doesn’t involve things that make mechanical suctioning sounds in which case I quiver with fear” Wallick for another feature-length Dinner for Fiends smorgasbord.

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