Dickinson’s Wedding Rolls

Bruce Dickinson's Chemical Wedding rolls!Word came down via Screen Daily recently that a long thought dead project has actually started rolling recently. Metal fans; be sure you’re sitting down.

Bruce Dickinson, frontman of Iron Maiden and all around cool guy, wrote a script a long time ago to go along with his solo album, Chemical Wedding, and now it’s going in front of cameras under the direction of Brazil and Erik the Viking editor Julian Doyle. Simon Callow stars as a Cambridge professor who one day realizes he’s a reincarnation of notorious Satanist Aleister Crowley.

Whoa. Now that was unexpected. I have faint recollections of this project from way back when I first started running a horror site, but like I said, everyone has assumed it was dead for years. Now it’s not only alive, but alive and kicking!

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one, rest assured!

Johnny Butane

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