Requiem for an AVP Trailer

How did it go so wrong?Buz is still crying over it. Andrew will never be the same. And I personally burnt all of my AVP comics in front of the home of director Paul W.S. Anderson. Sure, there were arrests involved but it was worth it to gain back a little of what we lost when the first Alien Vs Predator film insulted us and stole our cash.

There was a shred of hope today that the next installment may be looking up, because Arrow in the Head got the scoop about the new AVP title and a play by play of the new trailer. The name for the sequel has been changed to simply Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem. What? They’re kidding, right? Why can’t it just be AVP2 and drop all the silliness that make the series sound like direct-to-video fodder? Ok, screw that … the most important thing here is the trailer.

There is a short transcription of the here, but I’ll let you in on a few of the details: Earth, bogeyman, helicopters, hospitals and a hybrid Alien/Predator. Sound like what you were expecting? I sure as shit wasn’t. So much for journeying off to another planet.

It may still be worth holding out hope that this latest addition to the Alien and Predator franchise won’t be a quick cash in for the holiday crowds, but we all are still feeling the burn from the last time. It just won’t heal.


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