Chiller TV’s Cash for Talent

Are you up to the task?

We’ve all said it at least once while watching some bad horror film, “I could do so much better than that.” Hell, I say it damn near every single time something from Lionsgate shows up at the door, but how often is an actual chance given where you can either put up or shut up?

Such a chance is coming down the tubes from Chiller TV. Those fiends have opened up a new contest where wannabe directors can now show their stuff. With a little bit of effort (five to eight minutes actually) you just may find yourself the proud owner of $5,000! The rules for this thing are simple:

Here’s how it works. Make a horror movie between five and eight minutes long. Once it’s been submitted and uploaded to the Chiller Web site, visitors can cast their votes and choose finalists. It’s that simple!

A top Hollywood producer will pick a winner in each of three categories: Best Picture, Creepiest Character and Scariest Special Effects. Winners will receive:


Oh, and one more thing. The winning entries will air on television as part of “Chiller’s Dare to Direct Short Film Festival” on Halloween night! So WHEN already? Submissions begin September 5th. Entries can be submitted no later than midnight on September 17th. Voting begins September 21st and ends October 1st at midnight.

That’s as easy as can be. Do me proud and show filmmakers like Ulli Lommel how real horror movies are made! For more details on the contest just click here.


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Jon Condit