DVD Releases: Dexter’s Return

Your horror DVD selection for Tuesday, August 21st will include…

Click to see it biggerBorderline Cult (2007)
Directed by Uli Lommel

Oh, shit, more Lommel. Never a good way to start off a DVD list, I don’t care what the doctors tell me. The story, what I’m sure there is of it, is about three serial killers who band together at a US/Mexican border town and, instead of swapping stories and trading e-mail addresses, decide to go on a massive killing spree. Sure, that’s a realistic scenario. Best of all, though? The DVD comes with a Uli Lommel commentary, which I’m sure will be price of the disc alone! Check out our DVD review of Borderline Cult to find out! Buy it here!

Click to see it biggerDexter: The Complete First Season (2007)
Directed by Various

Here is what was called by many the best new show on television, both network or otherwise. The story is about a charismatic Miami police forensics expert who does some of his best work at night, when he moonlights as a serial killer of those he felt escaped justice. For me it’s one of those shows I always had people telling me I needed to watch but never have had the time. Seriously, who has time to devote to a TV show? Hence the beauty of getting a show on DVD mere months after it’s finished its TV run! Buy it here!

Click to see it biggerExorcism (1974)
Directed by Juan Bosch

I have to give credit to BCI; they’re taking some random, odd Euro horror titles and giving them some damn nice releases. I mean, really, who would’ve thought anyone would want a special edition of Exorcismo? Obviously there’s a demand for it! The story is about a girl who unwittingly participates in a Satanic ceremony and becomes possessed by the spirit of her dead father. Check out our DVD review of Exorcism, as it’s called here, to learn more! Buy it here!

Click to see it biggerMalicious (1995)
Directed by Ian Corson

Speaking of movies no one’s ever asked for on DVD; what the hell is this? Is that really Sixteen Candles cutie Molly Ringwald looking all evil and shit on the cover? Ugh. It’s got the excuse of being a 12-year old movie (at least she’s not making these now, right), but man … that’s just embarrassing. To make it worse she plays a girl who’s obsessed with her school’s star baseball player and finally manages to convince him to spend a weekend with her. When he goes back to his girlfriend the following week, however, she looses it and puts everyone in danger. Buy it here!

Click to see it biggerThe Night of the Sorcerers (1973)
Directed by Amando De Ossorio

Ostensibly this flick is about a team of researchers who head in the jungles of Africa to investigate the disappearance of a whole shitload of elephants in the area. How the hell do elephants disappear? What they discover instead is a tribe of voodoo freakazoids who rise from the ground, kidnap all the women, and systematically whip their clothes off them. What the film is actually about, however, is nekkid women and zombies. Check out Creepy’s hilarious DVD review for The Night of the Sorcerers for more! Buy it here!

Click to see it biggerThe Rising Dead (2007)
Directed by Brent Cousins

And the award for most amateurish, poorly Photoshopped cover goes to … The Rising Dead (applause)! Anyway, the movie tells of what happens when the government unleashes biological weapons to fight our enemies but inadvertently raise the dead, instead. Wouldn’t they have tested for something like that? A special forces solider is assigned to get the government leaders to safety, but of course their plane crashes and he has to fight a horde of the undead. Buy it here!

Click to see it biggerToho Triple Feature
Directed by Various

Yep, three movies from the famed studio who brought you Godzilla! Included in this box set is The Mysterians, about a race of aliens who want to breed with our women, Varan the Unbelievable, about a mountain god that hates humans and eventually heads to Tokyo for some good ole fashioned building-stomping, and Mantango Attack of the Mushroom People, which is about a shipwrecked crew who eat some local mushrooms to stay alive only to find out they’re both poisonous and sentient. Buy it here!

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