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Dawn of the Dead on Blu-rayBlu-ray means serious business now. Currently the hi-def format is kicking the competition’s (HD-DVD) ass by a selling margin of 2:1. While HD-DVD may have better features and cheaper players, the Sony backed Blu-ray has the PS3, Blockbuster, Target and an expanding catalog on its side. That list just got a little longer too!

Anchor Bay kindly forwarded on a titanic load of images to Fangoria. It appears that the company plans on releasing many horror classics and a few new ones on the hi-def disc format known as Blu-ray. Tech junkies rejoice!

First let’s look at what classics will be coming to stores on October 2nd. As you can see Dawn of the Dead is one of those scheduled but the list continues with Day of the Dead, Evil Dead II and John Carpenter’s original Halloween. Each of these will come packed with commentaries and various other bonus features. Word on the resolution of the supplements isn’t available, but at least the films will be in glorious 1080p! Finally, a reason to own a PS3!

Newer additions to the horror genre are on their way to the hi-def market as well. Masters of Horror season 1 will be entering the catalog and broken up into different volumes. So far two of the sets have been shown; Volume one will contain Cigarette Burns, Dreams in the Witch House and The Fair Haired Child while the second volume will be home to Jenifer, Sick Girl and Deer Woman.

Only audio commentaries are listed as the bonus material for these MoH episodes, but hopefully that will change and more will be added before the October 16th release date rolls around.


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