Belial & Poltergeists to Prom Night

Basket Case 2News today came crawling out of the wicker bag over at Davis DVD that Basket Case 2 will be getting a region 1 DVD release on October 30th! No more need to pay the extra cash on multi-region video players and discs now! And kiss your bootleg copy goodbye because this new release from Synapse Films features a video transfer from the original 35mm negative! Also included on Basket Case 2‘s special features will be a new behind-the-scenes documentary and a new interview with actor David Emge.

The horror news didn’t stop there, though. Davis DVD also reported that Frank Henenlotter’s Brain Damage, once out of print, will be making a short comeback. Gotta love Synapse Films!

Rounding out the list are two other classics from decades past: Poltergeist and Prom Night. Poltergeist‘s 25th Anniversary will be celebrated with a special edition thanks to Warner Brothers. This new dip will feature a making-of video, stills and a new documentary dealing with real poltergeists! Those same extra touches don’t look to be afforded to Jamie Lee Curtis’ stab fest Prom Night. The only news about this so far is that it will be released in widescreen and has a retail price of about $7. What does that tell ya?


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Jon Condit