Giallos Flame Meets Devil Doll

Black Devil Doll pic (click to see the whole thing!)Just got a heads up from our man Shawn over at Rotten Cotton about a very cool deal they just laid down for the soundtrack for his debut feature, Black Devil Doll.

Funk rockers The Giallos Flame have agreed to terms and signed on the dotted line to produce an all-new, original soundtrack for Black Devil Doll! That means blaxploitation goodness from start to finish or, as Shawn called it ”Shaft meets Goblin”. Hell yes!

Check out The Giallos Flame MySpace page to learn more about them, and check out some song samples right here. Oh, and to your right is a new pic from the film, now in week 3 of a 6 week shoot, more of which can be found at the Black Devil Doll MySpace page.

More news soon!

Johnny Butane

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