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Aliens Vs. Predator update!Three years later, the mere mention of AVP makes my blood boil. That said, I can’t help but keep tabs on the upcoming Anderson-free sequel, cleverly titled Aliens vs Predator. Call it fanboy optimism, but it can’t possibly be worse.

Directing team The Brothers Strause have been making the rounds on the internet, keeping the fans informed and trying their best to put fears to rest. So far they’ve promised all the right things: old-school atmosphere, practical FX, and most importantly, a gore-drenched R-rated smackdown. Here’s hoping the duo have the talent to back it up. It’ll take a lot to rise above a Shane Salerno script.

AVP Galaxy has received constant updates about the project and there are a slew of new developments:

Fox is prepping two versions of the trailer: A theatrical version and a red-band trailer for the internet (sweet!), both of which should be online by the end of the month. Rumor has it the violent footage was one of the reasons Fox was forced to pull out of Comic Con. The directors also recently shot new scenes for the film which are being worked into the trailer. Reportedly, Fox was so pleased with the early version that they gave more money to shoot scenes that were previously cut due to budget and time constraints. This excuse is usually a load of B.S., but considering the film has yet to be test-screened, it definately holds water.

Sounds like everyone is trying to do right by this film. Then again, we’ve heard this stuff before. Only time will tell…

In the meantime, check out this YouTube video of DC’s own Buz Wallick getting his revenge against Paul W.S. Anderson via Ridley Scott. Good stuff!

Andrew Kasch

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