Vacancy Writer in a Hole

A holeI wonder if anyone will confuse this new movie called The Hole with the Thora Birch film of the same name from a few years back. I also wonder why the hell screenwriters/studios can’t be a little more creative with their goddamn titles.

Bold Films has scooped up the rights to Vacancy scribe Mark L. Smith’s latest script, The Hole, which they will co-produce with Benderspink. The tale deals with two brothers who discover a mysterious hole in their basement (hence the title!) that leads to their worst nightmares. How’s that for vague?

I haven’t seen Vacancy (DVD review) but from all accounts it was pretty damn dull, so hopefully Smith has a better knack for horror when the supernatural is involved. Assuming the supernatural is involved in The Hole; maybe what they find is Thora Birch and friends trapped underground. That would be weird.

Johnny Butane

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