Witches on Dead Island

Dead Island(click for larger image)Dead Island, once known as Island of the Living Dead, was one of the games Techland showed off at E3 last year. While most people came away from the demo unimpressed, I’m still rather pleased to hear that it is still under development and hope that it has come a long way in the last year or so.

The game is set unsurprisingly on a zombie infested island that your character and his wife crash on, leading you on a quest to survive and rescue your missing bride.

The bullet list of features in the press release relaunching the game certainly has a lot of stuff that wasn’t in the version shown over a year ago. Hand-to-hand combat; a damage model depicting muscles, skin and bone; a dynamic ecosystem; non-linear gameplay; interactive environments; and a liquid, gas and electricity physics system are definite highlights of the list.

Techland’s last FPS, Call of Jaurez, received mixed reviews, but it certainly had its fair share of fans, and the newly announced Xbox 360 version brings the game to a wider audience.

We’ll definitely keep on eye on this title as we learn more about it, and hopefully it will continue to keep improving for the better.

In other gaming news…

Witches (click for larger image)I’m going to guess that Revisitronic has capitalized Project WITCHES because it’s an acronym, but I’ll try not to let my pet peeves get in the way of this news piece.

Project WITCHES is set in the kind of dark medieval settings you’d expect from a horror fantasy piece and pits the supposedly “sultry” Gwen and her team of Witches against the Hordes of the Beast who are enslaving and no doubt pillaging and all that good stuff.

It’s the kind of game where even the men have huge breasts, and co-operative play is the order of the day with either the game’s AI taking charge of the other big breasted men and women or other players across the Internet filling those boots (BOOTS not… nevermind).

Hopefully the developers will spend as long trying to make the game scary (one of the key features they see fit to highlight on the game’s page) as they spend on ensuring that the women are as sultry as possible.

We’ll keep following this game if only so we can keep joking about the subject matter, but Project WITCHES is slated for release on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC for some time next year.


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