Yes New Saw III Cut, No 3D Dead

Double Dip TimeThe Saw franchise is an unstoppable juggernaut (Saw IV, Wrong Turn 2 Interviews! – August 06, 2007)! Everywhere you turn there’s something new popping up about the fourth installment, but don’t think the previous chapters are being left for dead.

News came out today from Davis DVD that Saw III (review) will be receiving another dip in the DVD pool, this time in the form of a Director’s Cut. The 120 minute version of this unrated cut will include the following:

-Commentaries with Leigh Whannel, Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith and director Darren Bousman
Jigsaw’s Plan featurette
Filmmaker Favs featurette
Looking Tortured Make-up FX Lesson featurette
Choose the Death featurette
– Hydrovibe music video w/ Shawnee Smith

The director’s cut of the third film is not available online yet, but you can always pre-order the Saw box set at our Evilshop!

Davis DVD also dug up some new dirt on the DVD release of the latest incarnation of Romero’s first zombie film. It looks like Night of the Living Dead 3-D (review) is indeed coming out on October 9th (Living Dead In 3-D On DVD – July 25, 2007) and will contain two featurettes, one of which is about filming in 3D. Guess what! There’s still no info about it being in 3D! What the fuck? Since the supplements don’t actually list 3D glasses your guess is as good as mine.

Those who want to take a chance and hope the three dimensional effects stay on the DVD you can pre-order NotLD 3D at our Evilshop!

Kryten Syxx

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