No Terror in This Train

Director talks Train non-remakeWhen is a remake not a remake? How about when the title is different, the script is different and the film’s director blatantly says “This is not a remake”? Yeah, that might be a good indication of it not being a remake…

However, Train started its life as one, specifically a remake of the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis shocker Terror Train, which we last told you about a few days ago (“Thora Rides a Terror Train” – July 2007). Even then it was listed as simply Train online, as I pointed out, but I thought that was just a mistake. Turns out such is not the case; Train is the film’s title and the plot is completely different.

“It’s about a group of American athletes competing in Eastern Europe and they’re supposed to get on a train to continue the competition,” writer/director Gideon Raff told the folks at STYD. “And our group of people miss the train ’cause they went partying the night before. They get on a different train to catch up with their teammates and horror ensues. I researched real crimes that happen here in Eastern Europe and based it on that. The way I describe this is as an intelligent horror film. It’s got gore and it’s got the stuff that makes it a horror movie, but it’s also go a clever story people will enjoy.”

As we reported in the earlier story, Thora Birch (pictured) is on board this not-a-remake along with Derek Magyar, Gloria Votsis, Kavan Reece and Gideon Emery. Check out the story on STYD for more info on Train and what it’s like to shoot an entire movie in such an enclosed environment!

Train is in front of cameras now and looking towards a 2008 release. Keep it here for more as we hear it!

Johnny Butane

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Johnny Butane