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Watch Now: Comedy Horror Shorts Frankula and Bad Friday



If you’re still looking for some short form horror to sink your teeth into in honor of the recent Easter holiday, you might be interested in the films Frankula and Bad Friday, which have both been released on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

The two shorts were written by David Barry, produced by Stuart Morriss, and directed by Jason Read, who said “working on Frankula and Bad Friday was terrific fun but also a great privilege to be directing such a wonderful cast of actors from classic TV and Film.”

Barry stars in the two films as Frankie Abbot, an elderly man with an overactive imagination, whilst Emma Dark, who recently won the Starburst Media City Film Festival Fantasy Award for her short Salient Minus Ten (review), also appears in both the connected shorts as Agnes, a nurse working in Frankie’s retirement home.

Whilst both Frankula and Bad Friday are horror in nature, neither of the two films are particularly graphic or explicit, and should make for pleasant viewing experiences. Find the two films embedded below.

Bad Friday Official Synopsis
During a Good Friday outing from a care home, Frankie Abbott (David Barry, “Please Sir!”) cons a giant Easter egg from a little girl in the park, and is pursued by a knife-wielding giant rabbit. He also succeeds in upsetting everyone on the outing, including Topaz (Vera Day, “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”), an ageing ex-stripper, who threatens to put Frankie over her knee and spank him.

Cast – David Barry (Please Sir!), Vera Day (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), Gary Shail (Quadrophenia), Emma Dark (Seize the Night), Martin Rudman (Frankula), Timothy Curtis.

Crew – Writer: David Barry, Producer: Stuart Morriss, Director: Jason Read

“Saucy nurses, chocolate eggs, a psychotic rabbit who thinks he is Michael Myers, and an old bloke in a leather jacket… This is the stuff of nightmares!” – Stuart Morriss, Producer

Frankula Official Synopsis:
It is almost half a century ago since Mummy’s little soldier, Frankie Abbott (David Barry), was at Fenn Street School and he is now in a home, being looked after by his carer Agnes (Emma Dark). Frankie’s nightmare begins when Agnes bares her fangs and he enters the world of vampires, lured into the graveyard by Clarissa Cobra (Caroline Munro) and meets the fearful Vera Vomit (Judy Matheson) and the vampire psychiatrist Dr Spritzer (Martin Rudman).

Cast – David Barry (Please Sir!), Emma Dark (Seize the Night), Caroline Munro (Maniac, Dracula A.D. 1972), Judy Matheson (Twins of Evil), Martin Rudman (Bad Friday), Fenella Fielding (Carry on Screaming).

Crew – Writer: David Barry, Producer: Stuart Morriss, Director: Jason Read

“Sexy Vampires, Teddy Bears, Chips and Fenella Fielding… What more could you ask for in a film!” – Stuart Morriss, Producer




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