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Exclusive: So Much to Do and So Little Time At Granny’s House



Now available on VOD platforms worldwide is Les Mahoney’s horror/thriller At Granny’s House, which stars horror icon Bill Oberst Jr. The film follows a young woman who becomes the caregiver for an elderly woman. However, good intentions often come with dark secrets and this house is about to be the setting of some sinister events.

To give you a sample of what the film is like, we’ve got an exclusive clip that reveals the death of one character. If you want to go in without anything being spoiled, you should obviously avoid this clip. But if you want to start your week off with a body count, let’s inject some death into your Monday!

You can watch the film right now on Amazon.

A Hitchcockian thriller with twists and turns, made for the YouTube generation with it’s depictions of the ubiquity and downside of cellphone usage and connectivity thru social media, At Granny’s House is the story of a young caregiver with a dark agenda moves into an elderly woman’s house. Soon, Granny’s house becomes a macabre place of death – and love.

At Granny’s House was written and directed by Les Mahoney. It stars Bill Oberst Jr., Rachel Alig, Laura Lee, and Les Mahoney.




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