Dacascos is Omega

Dacascos is OmegaWill Smith may be legend but Mark Dacascos is omega, and last time I checked being omega trumped merely being a legend. In your face, Fresh Prince!

Oh, that wacky Asylum … I don’t think you need me to tell you that a megabudget Hollywood adaptation of I Am Legend starring Will Smith opens later this year. Being a master of the mockbusters, The Asylum, no doubt poised like a cobra, is ready and waiting to strike with its own direct-to-DVD knock-off in the form of the cleverly titled I Am Omega. The plot has to do with the last man on Earth battling the undead creatures that now control the planet. Say now, that sounds awfully familiar.

And who is the last man on Earth? Why that would be none other than Mark Dacascos. Now before anyone freaks out and starts asking if Mark Dacascos’ career has really reached the point that he’s now starring in Asylum knock-offs I’d just like to say four words – Code Name: The Cleaner. An Asylum mockbuster might actually be a step up after that.

I Am Omega is currently in post-production and will most assuredly be hitting DVD racks at Blockbuster within days of the opening of a certain Will Smith blockbuster. Not much other info to go on at this point aside from this mockbuster being directed by Griff “Son of Flounder” Furst, who also directed Universal Soldiers, the Asylum’s lawsuit waiting to happen coming to DVD shelves this Tuesday.

In further Asylum news, October 16th will see the DVD release of 666: The Beast, their sequel to last year’s Omen remake rip-off, 666: The Child. The child is now an adult looking to fulfill his destiny as the Antichrist. Aging 20+ years in the course of one year is no doubt the work of the Devil.

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