Season of the Remake?

Next on Romero's remake plate?George A. Romero. The godfather of our genre. His body of work is the stuff of legend. Some of his films have changed our lives. While surely not a Hollywood friendly, Romero has always done things his way regardless of what the suits try and tell him.

As a result we’ve gotten many great films. What happens when a film is great? It gets remade of course.

IGN sat down with George at this past Comic-Con and asked him which of his films he’d like to see get the update treatment, and surprisingly enough he picked the little known 1972 feature Hungry Wives aka Season of the Witch.

George goes on to explain why, “I think it could be pertinent in a different way. There are still women’s issues and there are still jerky guys like [Joan Mitchell’s] husband, still brutal – to say nothing of being insensitive, but actually brutal – so I’d like to remake it. We made it on 90 grand, we ran out of money, so we had to hurry up and finish it,” George explains. “I’ve always felt that it’s not really a complete work. We sort of managed to get a rope around it and finish it in a halfway decent way, but it’s the only one that I’d like to redo.”

Who knows? Maybe after Diary George will get his chance. You just can’t have enough Romero! Hit up the link above for more.

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