Trailer Trashed

Edgar Wright's Don'tThere was a lot to like about Grindhouse. Simply put, it was one of the most enjoyable film experiences I’ve had in what seems like ages.

Everything about it was pure cinema magic including the mock trailers that bookended the films. It’s a real shame we won’t be able to see them again anytime soon.

The Movie Blog got word today from director Edgar Wright (Don’t) that the upcoming DVD’s of the films will not contain the trailers that some would argue were the best part of the experience.

So let’s see … first they split up the movies. Now we’re not even getting the trailers. What’s next? I know! How about censor all of the language and violence! I’m simply not disturbed enough by this whole situation.

OK, so who wants to bet we’ll be seeing a deluxe edition of Grindhouse sometime next year that includes everything? This just reaks of the old double dip.


Uncle Creepy

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