Hensleigh’s Jungle Comes Home?

Welcome to the Jungle comes homeHow strange that Jonathan Hensleigh would go from something fairly high profile like The Punisher to something like Welcome to the Jungle, a horror movie that doesn’t even have an IMDB listing.

According to Movies Unlimited Welcome to the Jungle, which we told you recently was playing the Fantasy Filmfest (“Fantasy Filmfest Premieres Stuck” – July 2007), is set for a DVD release November 13th, 2007. Whether or not that’s true is up in the air, as no other video sites have it listed for pre-order and we’ve heard rumblings that something else may be happening with the film.

In case you weren’t aware, the story follows two couples that journey into the jungles of New Guinea in search of Michael Rockefeller, heir to the Rockefeller fortune, who disappeared there back in 1961. Their good-hearted attempt to bring the man back from the jungle they suspect him to still inhabit goes horribly wrong when they run afoul of cannibals.

Info has been sparse, but here’s what Hensliegh said about the movie in an interview with Newsarama: “Welcome to the Jungle is an original story that came from my culling of local legend because Michael Rockefeller has been ‘sighted’ many times. There have been maybe five or six or seven big highly publicized sightings of Michael Rockefeller since he disappeared in 1961. In fact, in the late ’70s this adventurer named Milt Machlin walked into the offices of Argosy magazine and said, ‘I just saw Michael Rockefeller. I don’t want any compensation. I don’t want anything but I’m telling you he’s alive.’ Milt Machlin contacted the Rockefeller family and they organized another search for him and Milt Machlin wrote a book about it called In Search of Michael Rockefeller. That’s what Welcome to the Jungle is about. It has nothing to do with Cannibal Holocaust. This is just the irresponsible internet era we live in where somebody can sneak into a screening and then just blog some completely inaccurate description of a film and then the film is forever stamped that way, ‘Oh it’s a remake of Cannibal Holocaust.’ We all now have to deal with these internet bloggers who report inaccurately on films.”

We’ll be keeping an ear open for any info confirming or denying the DVD date, and of course let you know as soon as we hear more one way or another!

Johnny Butane

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