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Must-Own: Halloween Horror Anthology 10/31 on DVD and/or VHS



1031VHS Copy - Must-Own: Halloween Horror Anthology 10/31 on DVD and/or VHS

10 31 Travis Smith art hi rez 1 196x300 - Must-Own: Halloween Horror Anthology 10/31 on DVD and/or VHSI make it no secret that I am a big fan of Halloween and horror anthologies. I mean who doesn’t love those two great tastes?

Well, like Reese’s peanut butter cups, someone went ahead and put the two greats tastes together for the Halloween horror anthology 10/31.

We reviewed the film recently and you can check that out HERE. But today we want to pass along the news that not only has the film hit DVD, but Scream Team Releasing has also put together a release of the film on VHS!

I literally snagged up a copy of the film on VHS as fast as I could and I am now counting down the days until it arrives on my doorstep. But if you’re not a VHS nut like me, then maybe you’ll be interested in some of the other merch the 10/31 team has put together.

These bits and pieces include a 10/31 & The Barn combo pack, a Limited Edition DVD with the film’s IndieGoGo artwork, the soundtrack on CD, and Travis Smith’s poster.

You can check out pics of all the cool merch below and then let us know what you think!

10/31 is now available on DVD and VHS RIGHT HERE.


Red Letter Entertainment brings you…’10/31′ – a Halloween treat bag of all the things that go bump in the night. 5 spooky tales from masked killers to scarecrows, witches, and tricksters. There’s a scare for everyone in this anthology of horror written and directed by indie horrors best and brightest such as award-winning filmmakers Justin M. Seaman and Zane Hershberger (The Barn), Brett DeJager (Bonejangles), John William Holt (The Dooms Chapel Horror) an original score and segment directed by award-winning film and game composer Rocky Gray (The Barn, Killing Floor 2, Close Calls) and features web horror host Malvolia: The Queen of Screams (Jennifer Nangle). These blood-soaked tales of terror and the macabre in the vein of Creepshow, Body Bags, Tales of Halloween and V/H/S are sure to chill horror lovers to the bone.




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