theritualostbanner - Exclusive: Folk Horror Becomes Sinister With Ben Lovett's Music for The Ritual

Exclusive: Folk Horror Becomes Sinister With Ben Lovett’s Music for The Ritual

theritualostcover 300x300 - Exclusive: Folk Horror Becomes Sinister With Ben Lovett's Music for The Ritual

We’re only a week away from David Bruckner’s The Ritual coming to Netflix. To celebrate the upcoming release, we’ve teamed up with Lakeshore Records to bring you a sample of the film’s soundtrack, which was composed by Ben Lovett. The track, titled “To Hell With This”, is a thrilling series of stabbing strings and underlying tension, culminating in a piece that pulses with tribalistic rhythms and is undoubtedly meant to drive a thread of horror.

Lovett explains, “…the music is very much the results of the beauty of serendipity mixed with the motivational anxiety of complete and utter panic.

Read our interview with composer Ben Lovett as well as cinematographer Andrew Shulkind.

Lakeshore Records will be releasing Lovett’s score to The Ritual on February 9, the same day as the film begins streaming on Netflix.

Nevill’s novel centers on four friends from college who head off into the Scandinavian wild in an effort to get away from it all and reconnect with each other. But what begins as a trip of bonding and friendship turns into a nightmare when they take a shortcut and end up lost. Some of them are injured, and they seem stranded with nothing but forest in every direction. While trying to find their way back to civilization, they come across what seems to be an abandoned cottage. Inside they discover ancient artifacts on the wall and bones scattered on the floor in a sacrificial manner. They soon discover that something is stalking them and is intent on keeping them from leaving the woods.

Rafe Spall, Robert James-Collier, and Sam Troughton star in The Ritual, which is produced by Andy Serkis’ The Imaginarium and directed by David Bruckner. It is based on Adam Nevill’s award-winning horror novel of the same name.