New Friday in ’09?

Friday the 13th back in 2009?All right, I know it’s not exactly breaking news, but it is the first time I’ve read anything about a new Friday the 13th movie in quite a while so I thought you guys would dig it.

In a Variety article from Friday about how specialty studios are looking to expand out from their horror roots because the genre is going though a downswing right now (which is true on most accounts thanks to the spate of shit that was out recently), of course New Line was brought up. The article states that the company that enjoyed early success on the back of the franchise apparently still has a new Friday the 13th in the works for 2009.

That’s a lot more vague than when the sequel/remake/prequel was announced before, back when the studio wanted it out on June 13th, but it does show that at least someone over there is working on it. It may also be noteworthy to mention that the film is referred to as a sequel, but that could just be for the sake of simplicity since no one knew if it’d be a direct sequel or Halloween-esque reboot the last time around.

Hopefully we’ll have more about it soon so stick around!

Johnny Butane

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