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20th Century Fox Hyping Up Predator With New Video Series The Rundown



This summer, we’ll be seeing the return the universe’s deadliest hunter when Shane Black’s The Predator comes to theaters. As a way of building the hype train, 20th Century Fox has created an app that not only connects fans of the series but also offers original content in the form of a bi-weekly show called “The Rundown”.

Hosted by “Hunter” Dave and “Hunter” Tory, the duo will showcase actual props from the films, check out figures and comics, and feature superfans on the app. If you want to sign up and become part of this community, you can find more information and links on the app’s official website. And if you want to say that I referred you, you can put in my username during the sign-up process. It’s “jbarkan”. Not saying you have to or anything. Just saying that it would be pretty cool if ya did. I’m down to earn some more skulls for…whatever they’re used for?

The Predator stars Thomas Jane, Edward James Olmos, Sterling K. Brown, Trevante Rhodes, Boyd Holbrook, Jacob Tremblay, Olivia Munn, Alfie Allen, Yvonne Strahovski, Augusto Aguilera, and Keegan-Michael Key.

Black is directing from a script by Fred Dekker. John Davis, Joel Silver, and Lawrence Gordon — who produced the original — are producing.

The Predator comes out August 3, 2018.




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