See a Ghost in L.A.

Ghost Son (click for larger image)Well the son of one any way.

This August 3rd lucky West Coasters (I’ll be joining you fuckers soon) will get the opportunity to check out the newest film from Lamberto Bava, The Ghost Son, which stars among others Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni of Argento’s latest Mother of Tears.

Never heard of it? You’ve been missing out! Ghost Son tells the story of a poor woman named Stacey (Laura Harring) who loses her husband Mark (John Hannah) in a fatal car accident. A bit later she finds out she’s having his baby, and then things get complicated. You see the spirit of Mark is controlling the baby and is using it to try to kill Stacey so that they can spend all eternity together.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you reason #83 not to have children — possible homicidal bouts of possession!

For more information on the whens and the wheres of the screenings, click here and here!

Uncle Creepy

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