Hallowed Ground Sprouts a DVD

David Benullo's Hallowed GroundFor a film that is due out in just over two months, Hallowed Ground really hasn’t been in the news much. Sure, it may be a direct-to-video feature, but when director David Benullo said, “It’s Rosemary’s Baby in a small town” (Exclusive: Hallowed Grounds Pics! – July 14, 2007), that made it look a little more interesting than most. That statement does make sense as the story centers around a woman whose arrival in a small town was foretold long ago and there is a conspiracy in the works to bring something to life that should not be. Close enough to Rosemary, but it just won’t be the same without all the old folks praising the devil.

Today Fangoria got the first look at Hallowed Ground‘s DVD cover, and thankfully Genius Entertainment used art that actually has something to do with the film unlike some Lionsgate releases out there. We horror fans don’t like to be tricked!

The info on special features and all that are lax, but we’ll keep you updated if they start to bud. Oh, and the man behind that creepy Scarecrow makeup? Dr. Satan himself, Walter Phelan!

Kryten Syxx

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