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Exclusive: Laundry Never Looked Dangerous Until Sockmonster!



On hand today, we’ve got something a little different but still exciting and packed to the brim with horror delights! Coming to the festival circuit and aimed for released later this year is Wess Alley’s short film Sockmonster. Now, why are we so excited for a short film, you ask? Because this one is not only produced by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III, and IV, Repo the Genetic Opera) but also stars Derek Mears of “Twin Peaks” and Friday the 13th fame!

The short follows Anne, a mother who is shattered by the loss of her young child. Refusing to let her daughter go, Anne finds that it’s not only socks that go missing in the dryer. Anne is played by Briana Evigan, who starred in Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up All In, and Sorority Row.

I had the chance to watch the short and it’s great! Beautifully filmed, Sockmonster is a delightful short that is as playful as it is gruesome!

To give you a taste of the short, we’ve been given four exclusive images below that will take you into the world of deadly laundry equipment. Washing your clothes will never be the same again!



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