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Strap In and Ride This Epic Aliens Roller Coaster From the Comfort of Your Own Couch



Quite possibly one of the greatest sequels of all time, James Cameron’s Aliens is a thrilling action-infused sci-fi/horror masterpiece. Featuring explosive action, fantastic characters, a bombastic score (courtesy of James Horner), and terrifying Xenomorphs, it has rightfully earned its place as a pinnacle of cinematic wonder. To think, it came out nearly 32 years ago!

The franchise is currently in the midst of a love it/hate it sentiment thanks to Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, both films which expand on the Weyland/Yutani universe while also attempting to explain the origins of the Xenomorphs themselves. While these films are hit-or-miss with fans and critics alike, that doesn’t change the love of the original films, the ones that started them all.

To that point, allow me to introduce you to YouTuber Hin Nya, who has created an Aliens-themed roller coaster ride in the video game Planet Coaster. Running at over 10-minutes long, the ride takes viewers from the USS Sulaco through the atmosphere of LV-426 into the terraforming colony Hadley’s Hope and into the depths of the Xenomorph hive.

Let me put it to you like this: were this a real ride, I would make it a point to go on a yearly basis to whatever theme park had it. Hin Nya captures the thrill of Aliens with delightful nods and homages, such as the turret scene in the extended edition of the film, Mother’s blindingly white computer room, Horner’s score echoing through the metallic halls, and even a visit from the Alien Queen herself!

My recommendation is to full screen this, put on some headphones (or blast the volume through a sound system), and enjoy the ride!




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