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UK Theme Park Getting The Wicker Man-Themed Roller Coaster



Straffordshire theme park Alton Towers will be opening a new ride later this year that is themed after Robin Hardy’s 1973 pagan folk horror film The Wicker Man, which starred Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward. According to Sky, the ride will be the first wooden roller coaster built in the UK in over two decades and will also blend two things that typically shouldn’t go together in these circumstances: wood and fire.

Per the site, the track, which will be over 2,000 feet long, will race riders past a 58-foot tall wooden Wicker Man that will “…appear to burst into flames.

Alton Towers creative lead Bradley Wynne says, “We hope visitors will be blown away by Wicker Man’s breathtaking scale whilst the primal essence of the wooden coaster and astonishing effects will leave them delighted, exhilarated and eager to ride again.

The ride will open to the public this spring.




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