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Question What’s Real and What’s Not in This New Winchester Trailer



A new trailer for CBS Films’ upcoming period haunted house film Winchester, which is directed by the Spierig brothers (Jigsaw, Predestination), has been released; and this one really amps up the amount of scares we should be seeing. That being said, I almost feel like too much is being shown here, leaving me worried that I’ll watch the movie only to feel like I’ve seen everything in the trailer.

Therefore, I encourage everyone interested in this film to avoid the below video.  If you’re already convinced that you’re going to see it, go in as blind and uninformed as possible. It’ll only make the viewing experience that much better, I promise you.

Academy Award winner Helen Mirren plays Sarah Winchester, the heiress overseeing the Winchester Rifle fortune. Believing her house to be haunted by the spirits of those killed by the company’s wares, she constructs her home as a labyrinthine maze to hold these vengeful ghosts at bay. Now she must convince her niece and Doctor Eric Price (Jason Clarke) that all she believes is true. Otherwise, these spirits may break free and aim to take their wrath out on the Winchester family.

Winchester haunts theaters on February 2nd.



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