Exclusive: Stream Bestialord's H.P. Lovecraft-Inspired Album Law of the Burning - Dread Central
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Exclusive: Stream Bestialord’s H.P. Lovecraft-Inspired Album Law of the Burning



Welcome to 2018! Since we like the idea of starting the year off right, how about we do so by melting some faces with H.P. Lovecraft-inspired metal? If that sounds up your alley, allow me to introduce you to Wichita, KS occult horror metal group Bestialord, who are releasing their new album Law of the Burning today via Cimmerian Shade Recordings.

The band tells Dread Central, ““Law Of The Burning” as an album developed very organically. The music almost wrote itself to a great extent. There really wasn’t a premeditated direction, only that it felt right when we played it. Lyrically the works of H.P. Lovecraft played a major role as well as various horror films.

Below is an exclusive stream of the entire Law of the Burning album, so if you want to kick off 2018 with metal that would make the Elder Gods headbang through eternity, this is your chance!

You can follow Bestialord on Facebook and you can order Law of the Burning through Cimmerian Shade Recording’s Bandcamp or through Symbol of Domination’s Bandcamp.




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