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Tiffany Shepis Tells Us About Her Role In Killer Kate!



tiffany shepis - Tiffany Shepis Tells Us About Her Role In Killer Kate!

No matter how many times we speak to the lovely Tiffany Shepis regarding whatever her latest project might be, one thing’s for sure: you can guarantee that it will be one of the most entertaining interviews you could have. The scream queen’s most current project will be in Elliot Feld’s Killer Kate!, and she was all to obliging to spill some details about her role, as well as what she’s got lined up next – read on and enjoy!

DC: Tiffany, what can you tell us about the film and your character?

TS: Killer Kate is about a bunch of girls that go to have a bachelorette party in a secluded but awesome home that they rented on a house-sharing website, and they got this crazy-ridiculous deal. There’s a fractured family, and the sister’s getting married…and well, the people that own the house aren’t the best people, which is my character’s family, and we’re going to make this bachelorette party not-so-awesome for these girls.

DC: Now I’m sure that Elliot Feld is familiar with your body of work, so was it him letting you go all out, or was it a bit more structured than that?

TS: Well, it was a little bit of both – they came to me with the plot, and I said “oh my god, this is super funny!” It’s very much like a Shaun Of The Dead kind of project – lots of blood and guts, but very funny. So I said “this is how I think she should be played – what do you think?” and we just kind of met in the middle. I pictured her as a bit more manic, and he saw her as the darker spearhead of this campaign – she’s probably killed a few people before – very crazy, very dark.

tiffany shepis - Tiffany Shepis Tells Us About Her Role In Killer Kate!

DC: So is this a balls-to-the-wall physical role, or is your character a bit more restrained?

TS: Physical only in the kills – the rest of the stuff is very cool and calculated, and things almost go as planned until one of my family members jacks it all up, THEN things go balls-to-the-wall. Probably had one of my family members in the movie not screwed things up, this would have been a very short film – when a psychopathic sibling decides to rush things, you just can’t kill people the way you want to.

DC: Over the course of your career, you’ve done a lot of stuff on film, but would there come a time where a director approached you with something that you simply wouldn’t want to go with – is there an untouchable topic?

TS: I don’t know – I want to say never say never, and there’s certain things that I don’t necessarily find interesting if they’re being done a certain way. I don’t think I’ll say “I’m never going to do that, or touch that! because if something’s done the right way, it can be awesome. I don’t think all this bathroom humor is super-funny, so I’ll never do a movie about toilets (laughs), but if it was a Jim Carrey, big-budget slapstick-comedy I could change my mind! As far as the untouchable thing goes, my taste in movies changes pretty much daily, and stuff that I was way into as a teenager I may be into this year, maybe not – every script is completely different, and my sense of humor changes, and what might be thought of as funny a few years ago, could be looked at as played out right now. My hope is that all this stuff coming in will be different, and lately it has been, from playing a sad, depressed Mom in Mitch Altieri’s Starlight, to this calculating psychopath in Killer Kate, and I’m getting ready to play a character called Deputy Boozer in Texas Cotton – she’s a straight-up bad-ass.

DC: Last thing I have for you is this: with all that you have going on, when in the hell will you be getting some down-time?

TS: Right out after I wrap out on Texas Cotton, which is about two weeks of work, I’m done for the holidays. After a little chill-time, hopefully we’ll have some news on when Victor Crowley is coming out – I’m so happy with that movie, and I really want everyone to get the chance to see it.

killer kate - Tiffany Shepis Tells Us About Her Role In Killer Kate!

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