*UPDATE* More on Cloverfield!

Cloverfiled poster is sexy as hell!**UPDATE** Our man Andrew Kasch just called in from Comic-Con with a bit of news from Abrams himself regarding his new monster mash.

“This will not be a Godzilla or Voltron movie,” says Abrams. “And it has nothing to do with Lovecraft, so let’s put all these rumors to bed. I made this movie because I wanted to create a monster film for American audiences that would be as iconic as Godzilla is to the Japanese.”

Count us in! Keep it here for more on this project and from Comic-Con as we get it.

Man, when the first pic of this poster was put up online, I purposely didn’t do a story on it cause it was just too damn annoying. All you could make out in the blur was the Statue of Liberty and a title, Monstrous.

Well, apparently that was only a test title because Entertainment Weekly just posted a much clearer version of it and damn I’m glad I waited!

The statue’s head is gone, which we saw in the trailer, but what’s the coolest to me is the big chunk taken out of its back and the trail of destruction it left behind. Damn, I’m excited for this all over again!

Now we just have to hope that the monster design doesn’t suck, which is always a worry, and that they pick a damn title for it soon. 1/18/08 is sooner than you think!

Johnny Butane

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