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The Old City: Leviathan’s Soundtrack is the Only Spooky Haunted House Music You’ll Need For Halloween



Horror gaming is just as diverse, if not more so, than horror cinema. What game companies are able to do with the genre is undeniably fascinating, from intense, high energy games like Left 4 Dead to cinematic masterpieces, a lá The Last of Us. Just like in horror movies, atmosphere and story are key in creating something truly memorable, something that worms its way under your skin to create a true sense of dread and unease.

One title that pushes traditional video game boundaries is PostMod Softworks’ 2014 title The Old City: Leviathan. Featuring no characters aside from the player, the game doesn’t really have a mission or a goal. Rather, it simply wants the player to explore and become immersed in the city in which they find themselves in. There is no hand-holding, there are no goals or checkpoints, it’s just you and the city learning about each other.

Undoubtedly inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, such a philosophical game needs to have a soundtrack that ensnares the player and sets the right tone. Without such a backdrop, the effect would be lost and the city, already empty, would feel soulless. Luckily, composer Atrium Carceri’s score is not only masterful for the game, it’s absolutely perfect for other uses. I’m speaking about a Halloween backdrop.

“Leviathan” shimmers with an antiquated feeling, as though it bears the echoes of howling winds and tolling bells from aeons past. “Worship” sinisterly pulsates with breathed vocals, like some sinister monastic choir is hovering just behind your neck. The yearning gentleness of “Journey Home” is hypnotically soothing and yet has traces of ghostly memories.

Below is the soundtrack for you to enjoy. I truly hope you get as much pleasure out of it as I have these past several days.



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