Deadly Friends & Horror Hoods

The Dead One on DVD!With all the DVD news Fangoria got today, why didn’t they just put it all in one story and save themselves some time? I always gotta think of stuff first.

The first bit of news is that the Wilmer Valderrama vehicle The Dead One (formerly called El Muerto, the title of the comic that is the film’s base) will be coming our way to DVD on October 9th, 2007. Lots of features like audio commentary, featurettes, interviews and gag reels will be included; click here for all the details!

September 25th will see the release of Warner Bros’ Twisted Terror Collection, a box set that will have six DVDs, five of which are on DVD for the first time, including The Hand, Someone’s Watching Me, Eyes of a Stranger, From Beyond the Grave and Wes Craven’s Deadly Friend. Dr. Giggles rounds out the pack as the only film already released on DVD.

Finally, the site has learned that Lionsgate has set September 11th, 2007 as the DVD date for Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror (review), the stoned rapper’s horror anthology film that received an “eh” reception pretty much everywhere it’s played. A few featurettes and some music videos will be included. Other ‘Gate releases include Night of the Living Dead 3D (review), out October 9th, Captivity on October 30th, Stir of Echoes 2 on November 20th and The Amityville Triple Feature (which will have Amityville 1992: It’s About Time, Amityville: A New Generation and Amityville Dollhouse in its cardboard walls) landing on October 16th.

As if Halloween weren’t expensive enough as it is! Keep it here to find out which are worth your time and what you should avoid!

Johnny Butane

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