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Short Documentary on Mysterious Bloop Sound Released Online



Back in 1997, the loudest ever underwater sound was recorded in the south Pacific Ocean. Dubbed the Bloop, theories on the source of the sound include everything from cracking icebergs to a gigantic undiscovered marine animal.

The Atlantic have released a new documentary on their YouTube channel, in which Dr Christopher Fox, who was the Chief Scientist of the Acoustic Monitoring Project of NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Lab, describes his reaction to hearing the mysterious and incredibly loud noise.

The sound was loud enough to be heard from over 3000 miles away, meaning whatever made it would have had to be several times larger than a blue whale, which is the largest known animal in history. Scientists have stated that the Bloop sound was consistent with that of a large animal, before changing their tune and saying that it was more likely to have been caused by an cracking iceberg.

Whilst the iceberg theory is probably the most likely explanation, the monster theory is a hell of a lot more captivating. And, regardless of whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, you have to admit that the noise sounds like it was made by an animal. Listen to it in its entirely below and decide for yourself.




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