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Your DVD release selection for August 15th, 2006 shall include…

Click to see it bigger!Brutal Bloodsuckers

A new collection of six indie/underseen vampire movies, and this one’s actually not from Brentwood! I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing… so I shall leave it to you to decide. Lying in wait within are Vampire Sisters, Night (which I reviewed here), Vampire Hunter, Strange Things Happen at Sundown (which Deb reviewed here), Life Blood and Skin Eating Jungle Vampires. I gotta say I dig that last title a lot; “Skin Eating” should be featured in more cheesy movie titles, it conjures great imagery… Buy it here!

The CommitmentThe Commitment (2004)
Directed by Montri Kong-Im

Media Blasters continues their bang-up job of never updating their site with this latest title that has zero information on it. Why did they bother re-designing the thing for six months when they don’t take any better care of it than they did before? Anyway, as you can see, the cover art is not final, but the film is about a group of students who are peer pressured into offering gifts to a vengeful ghost and pledge their souls so they don’t fail some entrance exams, and obviously there are dire consequences to these actions. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Dawn (2004)
Directed by Jay Reel

Don’t let the somewhat garish (but still pretty tasteful if you ask me) cover art fool you; Dawn is actually a very smooth, subtle, and gripping movie about a father’s lover for his daughter, who just happens to have a near-unquenchable lust for blood. He’s traveling the country with the young girl, Dawn, and trying to make sure she stays happy and the authorities stay ignorant as to what’s really going on. The movie works so well because it has real respect for its characters and their plights instead of just going for the slash-n-kill scenario. Check out Michelle’s review of it here for more! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Demented Deviants

I was voted most likely to become one of these in high school. Look how wrong they were! Here we have another budget priced package set of some strange, off-kilter titles that I’m sure will appeal to those who fit the title’s description well. Nutcracker, Off the Beaten Path, Bleed, Edgar Allan Poe’s Darkness, Purvos, and Human Behavior are the six titles within, none of which I can honestly say I’ve ever heard of before. Does that make me out the loop or them way underground? Once again, I leave the answer in your hands. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Do You Like Hitchcock? (2006)
Directed by Dario Argento

Dario’s first foray into television has been met with some praise and some criticism, but all in all most agree that Do You Like Hitchcock? is the master’s most entertaining of his recent output. The story is about a nerdy cinephile who begins to suspect that two lovely young strangers are conspiring to commit a brutal murder. Borrowing (ripping off?) from almost all of Hitchcock’s more well-known films, Argento proves that he does, indeed, like Hitchcock and wants to pay tribute to the man’s work. Check out our review of it here for more! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Everlasting Evils

If the cover art is any indication, evil should really get an appointment booked with its local dental care provider, stat. Evil’s got some damn nasty teeth, and since it appears to be everlasting, a real solid mouth care regiment should be established now. Films in this set include Invitation, Blood Rites, Death From Beyond, Innocent, and Siege of Evil. Not a single one, I would venture to guess, concerned with the gum disease gingivitis. Such a shame. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Lemming (2005)
Directed by Dominik Moll

All right, I just read three descriptions of this movie, and I’m still not sure what it’s about. I do know it involves a man who is working on a flying web-cam prototype for a large computer corp and his quiet wife. I also know something bad happens when they find the corpse of a lemming in their sinks pipes, and it somehow metaphorically is a symbol for the strained relationship that begins shortly after the man invites his boss and his boss’s mysterious wife to dinner. Finally, I know it was from the same director of With a Friend Like Harry, which means it’s likely damn good. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Machined (2005)
Directed by Craig McMahon

How serious about collecting are you? So much so that you would collect the body parts and pieces needed to create your very own half man/half machine serial killer to act out your sick, twisted fantasies? Hopefully not (but if you are, send pictures), but Machined is the story of a collector who is, namely Motor Man Dan. He finds a young head trauma victim to complete his gruesome creation, and before you know it, he’s got his very own serial killer to play with. Lucky guy! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Masters of Horror: Jenifer (2006)
Directed by Dario Argento

Anchor Bay may want to distance the titles from the MoH brand already, likely due to the fact that they had no idea how popular the series would be when it hit DVD and got some low returns, but we’ll continue to call it what it is: a Masters of Horror episode. This one follows Steven Weber, who plays a cop that discovers the titular character being beaten on by a wronged man. He thinks he’s doing her a favor by helping her and takes some pity in the fact that she’s facially deformed. Only problem is that her body rocks, and pretty soon he’s using it to his full advantage, the very definition of a butter face. Things go from bad to worse, however, when she starts eating people. Check out our review of it here for more! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Nails (2004)
Directed by Andrey Iskanov

The first in Unearthed’s new series of horror films from Mother Russia, Nails is the twisted story of a detective who uses trepanning (drilling a hole in your head) to try and get at the demons that take up residence in there. But once you face the demons, how do you stop them? See the film’s title. I know there are some juicy special features on this disc, but I’ll be damned if I can find a listing of them anywhere… ah, well, I’m sure the movie itself will be worth the purchase price; Unearthed has never been ones to shy away from the nastiest of the nasty. Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Snakes on a Train (2006)
Directed by The Mallachi Brothers

Finally the wait is over! Sure, Snakes on a Plane is getting all sorts of monstrous hype for reasons even we don’t fully understand, but Snakes on a Train is where it’s at, baby! The film is the story of a woman hit with a Mayan curse that causes snakes to hatch inside her, slowly devouring her from inside out. She has to get to Los Angeles to find the only man who can help her, a mysterious Shaman with massive healing powers. Unfortunately she decides to take a train instead of fly (can’t be in that much of rush…), and all the passengers are at the mercy of the deadly vipers that come out of her. Look for Foy’s review of it very soon! Buy it here!

Click to see it bigger!Twisted Sisters (2006)
Directed by Wolfgang Buld

Two beautiful twins; one given everything she could ever hope for, the other forced to struggle for everything she wanted. Norah learned how to survive on nothing, but now the tables have turned and Norah wants to have her sister’s life all to herself. She begins to stalk her sis, taking on aspects of her personality and becoming more and more like her every day… and she’s willing to kill anyone who gets in the way of her goal. Nothing better than hot psycho twins! Buy it here!

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