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Makeup Artist Turns Into Pennywise: Do it Yourself With Her Tutorial



October is upon us and I’m willing to bet that some of you don’t have a Halloween costume lined up! Don’t worry, I’m 100% guilty of that myself.

If you’re skilled in the art of makeup transformations or have been looking to dabble in that world, I can’t think of a better YouTube channel than Madeyewlook. Lex, who runs the channel, creates incredible tutorials of her turning herself into pop culture icons, quite often diving headfirst into the world of horror. This week, she’s turned herself into Pennywise, the villain from IT (review). With only makeup and the necessary application tools, she converts herself into a rather nightmarish vision of the Dancing Clown, complete with haunting smile and a ruffled shirt. A few additional props add the cherry to the top and you’ve got yourself one helluva Pennywise!

What makes Lex’s videos so good is that she explains step-by-step precisely what she’s doing, admits when she’s made a mistake so that we don’t repeat it ourselves, and also talks about the materials and tools she uses to achieve her look. I have absolutely no idea how to do anything she does but I’ll admit that I’d give it a try, based purely on her tutorials. Seriously, watch the one below and tell me that you’re not 1) entertained and 2) fairly confident you could do an alright job at the transformation.

Additionally, Lex just opened up her own clothing/jewelry store called Slightly Strange. While it’s not chock full of products, there are some cool, spooky things on there. Check it out here and make sure to give it a follow on Twitter since new, limited products will be announced there (a lá Mondo).




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