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Event Coverage: London Tattoo Convention 2017



I’ve never been to the London Tattoo Convention before, but after attending this year, I’m sure I’ll be back again. Even though I’m not particularly interested in tattoos (and have no plans to ever get one), I still felt that this event had a lot to offer. As crazy as it sounds, a number of people were even receiving tattoos at the event, so there was a lot of actual blood on display.

My good friend Graham Humphreys was there displaying his art, and you may recognize some of his most famous works, such as the Evil Dead and Nightmare on Elm Street posters, below. I was sure to get a few pictures taken of myself with Graham, and I also purchased a copy of his most recent art book, which he was kind enough to sign.

Also included in the massive gallery below are images that were drawn by renowned horror artist Christopher Lovell, and I’m sure that most horror fans will instantly fall in love with his art. You can lean more about the work of this highly gifted artist on his official website.

Lastly, I’ve uploaded some pictures of some of the other crazy sights at the event. The Star Wars paintings were done by Liam Brazier, another incredibly talented artist.

And yes, those are real human bones on on the shelves.



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