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Evoke the Fun and Excitement of Halloween with Horror Decor’s Pumpkin Pail Collection



Show everyone in your neighborhood how much of a hardcore horror fan you are this Halloween by decorating your home with Horror Decor’s new Pumpkin Pail Halloween products.

Horror Decor Launches The New Pumpkin Pail Collection!
As night falls on October 31st, the moon owns the sky; and an eerie feeling starts to settle in as the porch lights turn on. Tombstones, skeletons, and carved jack-o’-lanterns decorate the neighborhood houses as the cool, crisp air blows around the leaves that have fallen from the trees over the last few weeks. The streets have been taken over by eager, costumed children who are racing from door to door, in search of candy to fill their plastic pails.

Horror Decor’s new Pumpkin Pail Collection seeks to evoke the fun and excitement of Halloween night, with a bit of a sinister twist. They worked with artists Marc Vuletich and Jody Bonham, who brought those visions to life perfectly and have applied their work to a variety of candles, wax melts, pillows, tote bags, kitchen pot holders, a flag, and our first ever enamel pin!

The entire collection is available today at: https://www.horrordecor.net/collections/pumpkinpail



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