Quick Bit of REC

RECMan it just ain’t right that all the info out there for the Juame Balaguero/Paco Plaza team up [REC] is coming out in Spanish. Not that I have a problem with the language, but why can’t we get some cool stuff for those of us stateside, as well?

Enough complaining! The movie’s not even out in it’s native country, so who knows; maybe it’ll suck. Something tells me otherwise.

Aullidos managed to get yet another cool [REC] exclusive; a clip/trailer of sorts with a very cool tagline; ”Run, Escape, Survive… But Never Stop Recording” Now that’s a fucking mantra! Click here to check out Aullidos’ exclusive bit from [REC] and, if you’re in the mood to have it all spoiled, feel free to translate the text around it to find out a lot more about what it’s all about!

Johnny Butane

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