Carpenter Goes Gothic?

John Carpenter to direct LA Gothic next?Though I guess it’s up to John Carpenter when we know more about what John Carpenter is doing next (the man is infamous for not talking about upcoming projects to pretty much anyone), AICN got a pretty cool scoop about a possible project that’s more than worth a mention.

Their scoop is about a film called L.A. Gothic, a title that sounds more than a little familiar to me for whatever reason, and supposedly it will mark John’s return to feature film directing. Now, the scooper writes in as an intern in an office overhearing a conversation, so God only knows how accurate it might be, but if it is true, maybe it will wash the taste of Ghosts of Mars out of our mouths.

LA Gothic is about a priest and his teenage daughter, reportedly, and will involve a lot of creatures including vampires, zombies and a possessed rock star. Tons of action and gore are what’s promised from the film so hell even if it’s not John Carpenter’s next, it still sounds like it will kick ass.

Though it does seem promising; in an interview he did with Suicide Girls with the late Daniel Epstein (R.I.P., brother), Gothic was one of a few films he was considering doing next. Keep your fingers crossed, folks!

Johnny Butane

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